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An out of diaper experience

Lately, I’ve been letting my little guy cavort around sans diaper. What can I say, “I like to live on the edge.” The little guy loves going nude and, well, he has developed a case of the diaper rash (primarily due to my frugality and sense of guilt for not using cloth diapers). I’d been letting him go hours without a diaper change. Do you know how much liquid disposable diapers can hold? About 20 gallons… And I was taking it to the brink every time. Poor little guy.

So, we’re having a lovely morning. The little guy’s happily playing on his tummy and doing his darndest to crawl. I’m in the kitchen preparing my morning latte. All is perfect is the world. With morning paper and latte in hand, I return to the living room to find a happy baby playing in his own poop. Oh crap!! My little 6 1/2 month old had managed to poop, roll over, scoot around, poop again, and continue to play. There was poop on his elbows and poop on his knees. Amazingly I caught him before the poop found it’s way into his mouth. Also amazingly, it was all contained on his quilt. So, after a gasp and around 250 baby wipes, our wonderful morning continued.



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Thank you, Pampers

A lot of parents today swear that Pampers are the best brand of diapers. For those of you in doubt, please read on.

After a long day tending to my recently immunized grumpy little boy, I decided that I needed some amusement. Since my husband was working from home, I decided that he would have to suffice. In a fun game I like to call “Guess what I’m holding under your nose”, I decided to have a little fun with my hubby.

As I put my little guy down to sleep I noticed a poopy diaper sitting out (I know I should have thrown it out immediately – but it was a tough day and the diaper was sitting next to the changing table). I immediately thought, “This is the perfect object to trick my hubby into smelling.” I approached him and tauntingly asked him to close his eyes and guess what he was smelling. In a show of true trust, he obliged. As he began to sniff, it was nearly impossible to not chuckle. With a quizzical brow, he said “Wait, wait. I know this smell.” I thought, “You sure do.” He continued sniffing in delight for close to 30 seconds. He guessed, “Cookie dough. No. Cake. No. Frosting. No. A CUPCAKE!!!!” It was a priceless moment. My husband confused the smell of a poopy diaper for a cupcake. Thanks, Pampers.

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It’s all about the poop

Too much

Too little

Funny color

Funny smell

Too runny

Too thick

Too often

Not enough

You name the problem and us moms can relate it to poop. Actually, I feel proud every time my little guy goes (evidently one of the many odd things about motherhood). But this post is not about baby’s poop. Its about mom’s poop. None of the books discuss this very important issue.

I’ve ALWAYS been very regular and well, enjoyed pooping. That is until after my c-section. It took me days to even pass my first “bowel movement”. And when I did – whew…. it was something to write home about (not that I wanted to ever think about it again). I assumed that this is where the “fun” ended and that everything would go back to normal (after all, I’d been taking stool softeners). But I was sorely mistaken.

As the weeks passed and I worried about my baby’s poop and tried to not think about the pain from my own (oh yeah – pain and bleeding. It truly felt like I was pooping baseballs), I began to dread this once enjoyable activity. I was too embarrassed to ask anyone (what if it was hemorrhoids?!? I didn’t have them during pregnancy or delivery. So, why now? ) I mean, I couldn’t find anything on the Internet about it – I MUST be a freak. Finally I called my doctor who simply said that I had torn my butt. AHHHHHH. And that I should eat more fiber. No sh*t Sherlock (pardon the pun).

After many meals of Fiber One and no improvement, I brought it up with my sister-in-law. She recommended changing my vitamin. I was still taking my prenatal that was chocked full of iron. Ah Ha. The moment I switched – the problem was solved. I still eat Fiber One – it’s delicious and well, just in case. I also brought it up at my mother’s group and discovered that I was far from being alone.

So, all moms know that it’s all about the poop.


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