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An out of diaper experience

Lately, I’ve been letting my little guy cavort around sans diaper. What can I say, “I like to live on the edge.” The little guy loves going nude and, well, he has developed a case of the diaper rash (primarily due to my frugality and sense of guilt for not using cloth diapers). I’d been letting him go hours without a diaper change. Do you know how much liquid disposable diapers can hold? About 20 gallons… And I was taking it to the brink every time. Poor little guy.

So, we’re having a lovely morning. The little guy’s happily playing on his tummy and doing his darndest to crawl. I’m in the kitchen preparing my morning latte. All is perfect is the world. With morning paper and latte in hand, I return to the living room to find a happy baby playing in his own poop. Oh crap!! My little 6 1/2 month old had managed to poop, roll over, scoot around, poop again, and continue to play. There was poop on his elbows and poop on his knees. Amazingly I caught him before the poop found it’s way into his mouth. Also amazingly, it was all contained on his quilt. So, after a gasp and around 250 baby wipes, our wonderful morning continued.



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The crying game

Sleep. Sleep. SLEEP. Why is it so challenging and elusive? Anyone who is a parent, knows a parent, ever met a parent, has perhaps seen a parent walking down the street or in the grocery store knows that sleeping is an issue. It’s not something that just comes naturally to parents or our tiny screaming offspring.

I sit here at the computer trying to unravel this age old mystery, as my adorable little boy screams his head off in his room. While my husband and I are not officially “ferber-izing” our child, we have found that the only way to get him to sleep is to let him cry it out. Trust me when I say we’ve tried everything else (rocking for an hour, walking around for 45 minutes while bouncing or swaying, swings, vibrating bouncy chairs – you name it). It just prolongs his fussiness and ends with his crying it out in his crib. Amazingly, he then wakes up as happy as a clam.

So, you might be asking yourself “Why is she complaining?” I’ll tell you why. This method goes against EVERY mothering fiber in my body. Every instinct screams “Go to your baby. Comfort him. NOW!” So, this leads me to the other subject of this blog: food. The moment he starts crying I start craving anything (usually a glass of wine and something salty – but chocolate will also due). The problem with this is much like the freshman 15, the pregnancy 25 (or 50) is much easier to put on than to take off. Because of this crying technique we’ve adopted and breastfeeding, I’ve actually found that I am hungrier now then when I was pregnant.

So, in an attempt to regain some semblance of my former physical self, I am and will do my best at saying “No” to the cries of these sirens that beckon me to the kitchen every time my baby whimpers. Instead I will channel my anxieties into you.


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I’m a blogger?

As my four month old little boy drifted off to sleep at 8:45 (woo hoo), I decided to see what all this blog hype was about. So, I turned to my trusted friend and food lover’s blog ( Kate F___, Girl Reporter) and took a look. To my delight I found a fun and entertaining glimpse into my friend’s life and kitchen. So Kate F, thank you for motivating me to start sharing my tales of food and baby, how babies affect food, and how food affects babies (pretty much my life).

Objective: To entertain myself and hopefully a few others with my stories of baby and food.

I should also give some credit to my wonderful blogger of a husband (herbietown). You are my inspiration (kind of). 🙂


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