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An out of diaper experience

Lately, I’ve been letting my little guy cavort around sans diaper. What can I say, “I like to live on the edge.” The little guy loves going nude and, well, he has developed a case of the diaper rash (primarily due to my frugality and sense of guilt for not using cloth diapers). I’d been letting him go hours without a diaper change. Do you know how much liquid disposable diapers can hold? About 20 gallons… And I was taking it to the brink every time. Poor little guy.

So, we’re having a lovely morning. The little guy’s happily playing on his tummy and doing his darndest to crawl. I’m in the kitchen preparing my morning latte. All is perfect is the world. With morning paper and latte in hand, I return to the living room to find a happy baby playing in his own poop. Oh crap!! My little 6 1/2 month old had managed to poop, roll over, scoot around, poop again, and continue to play. There was poop on his elbows and poop on his knees. Amazingly I caught him before the poop found it’s way into his mouth. Also amazingly, it was all contained on his quilt. So, after a gasp and around 250 baby wipes, our wonderful morning continued.



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