The BIG day

Tomorrow is the big day. I’m going to feed my little 17 pounder his first tastes of food. I’ve had all these grandious ideas about what his first solid food experience should be. I’m thinking pureed organic sweet potatoes cut with the freshest of mom’s milk or maybe it should be sweet peas or there’s always applesauce. But, after much talk and consideration, I have decided to go down the heavily trodden path of rice cereal. I know it taste like cardboard and could constipate him – but my pediatrician recommended it (as did all family members). In my defense, I did spring the extra dollar for the organic whole grain rice cereal… poor little guy. It will only be for a few days and then we’ll be on to bigger and much better things.

Tomorrow is a momentous day for so many reasons. First, my little boy is growing up. Second and even more emotional, this is the first step towards weaning. Even the mention of the W word makes me choke up. Also, this is HIS first experience with eating, something that is near and dear to me. And finally, it’s going to be so damn cute.

Wish us luck!



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5 responses to “The BIG day

  1. Our first experience with feeding Hannah (rice cereal as well) was a miserable failure. Instead of spitting it out (as we expected) she immediately started crying and got really upset. Jeanne was really disappointed but then we read that the first feedings are more about getting them comfortable with a spoon near and in their mouth than about nutrition. The next day our expectations were lower and she did much better. And a week later she was eating like a champ.

    So enjoy but don’t be too bummed if he isn’t a foodie on day one. Good luck!

  2. Such an exciting yet bittersweet milestone. Good luck.

  3. I did mashed avocado thinned with breast milk for the first food. Lots of protein..

    Good luck. that’s a fun time. although my (completely unfounded, but I always find stupid stuff to worry about) terror of them choking that I experienced upon eating the first cheerio is not something I want to reminisce about…

  4. gretaherb

    Update: The baby boy was much more interested in his spoon than the rice cereal. After a few days he is happily chowing down on anything I put in front of him (he especially likes sweet potatoes and dislikes rice cereal). Avocados are next.

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Stria!!

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