My baby boy has become a man

Last week was a pivotal week in my household. My baby didn’t crawl, walk, talk, or get his driver’s license. No, he discovered his male anatomy.

It was a normal night. Exactly like every night. Play time until 6:00ish and then bath time until 7:00. (Yes, I milk bath time for all it’s worth. My husband travels all week and I need all the help I can get at night.) So, after our usual rolling around on the rug naked, we moved on to the bath. Everything appeared normal. There was splashing and the initial urination (warm water does it for him every time). And then he suddenly went quiet… I wondered “What’s going on?” And then I saw it. My little innocent baby boy was pinching and pulling on his little frank and beans. Awch! Anyone who has a baby knows they have a heck of a grip. But, he didn’t seem to mind. In fact I think it fascinated him. Since then it has become a nightly ritual.

Is it terrible that I find this absolutely adorable?



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2 responses to “My baby boy has become a man

  1. Didn’t mind? On the contrary, I think there was ample evidence that he quite enjoys it!

    I object to the word “little” before frank and beans. Seriously.

  2. At this age, it is adorable. It’s when it continues through the middle ages, and migrates to the public arena, that it becomes troubling.

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