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This post is dedicated to the blog Stuff White People Like.

Today I threw my first “Mommies Who Lunch” gathering. Much like your first dinner party ushering in adulthood, it is a right of passage into mommyhood. I truly felt like a mastermind. I instigated the planning. “Hey D_____, let me get your email address so we can get together outside of the mother’s group.” Emails were exchanged. A date was set. And then the magic began.

Being a full time mom is like going to work with one hand (that loves to cry) tied behind your back. So, yesterday (T minus 24 hrs) I had planned to head to the grocery store to shop for my luncheon. But no, no, no. It was rainy and my little guy was grumpy and honestly, I didn’t feel like going to the store. So, I decided to go first thing this morning. First thing in the morning with a 4 month old means 7:00 AM. Good morning, Stop and Shop. I must admit that it was the most pleasant Stop and Shop experience I have had. It was empty. Everything was freshly stocked (including produce). And there was no line at the deli!

By the time I get home, my little muffin needed to be fed and to take a nap (T minus 4 hrs). While he napped, I preped everything. The red pepper tomato soup (I’d give you the recipe, but it’s from a box that I purchased at Costco – organic and pretty darn good) was in a pot ready to be warmed. Croissants were sliced and loaded with fontina and parmesan, turkey, whole grain mustard, and arugula and ready to be panini-ed (I think I just created a new verb). Plates, bowls, silverware, and napkins – ready. White wine chilling (just in case).

(T minus 30 min) Baby is awake and fed.

(T minus 2 min) “What was that sound? Oh no! What is that smell? Oh no!” Oh, yes. And it was a big one. He prefers to poop every few days, which means when it happens, it happens BIG.

To make a long story, well, short. A new outfit was needed for my precious boy. And everyone arrived while I still had poo on my hands. But the food was delicious and the company was great. It’s fun to have a living room filled with little babies cooing at each other. And by the end, the homemade limoncello (I had to offer something homemade to impress my guests) definitely hit the spot.

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