A chip off the old block

Last week my four month old started showing interest in food and watching me eat. I thought “Woo hoo. He’s already intrigued by food (just like his mommy).” In all my excitement, I rushed out and purchased a highchair (the Chicco Polly – great features and value). It was imperative that I encourage my little gourmet in the making.

The scene.

Candles lit, table set, a lovely bolognese (yummy) with hand cut pappardelle.

Enter Baby in highchar and parents.

The moment the highchair approaches the table, SCREAMS explode from the baby. Devastated, the mother takes the baby back to the spit-up-covered quilt to play with the soggy and over-masticated hippo rattle. Through tears the mother thinks “Oh well, maybe next time.” She returns to the table to some cold pasta and her husband who has finished his dinner and is engrossed in a vampire novel…

I must admit that this is the shocking tale of my little gourmet’s first table experience.

So, in my best mothering fashion, I tried again the next day. This time around I kept it simple.

The scene.

Table strewn with old papers, mail, and what not, a turkey sandwich, chips, and a pickle

Enter Baby in high chair and disheveled mother

The high chair approaches table sans protest. So far so good. The mother immediately grabs a potato chip (Cape Cod Low Fat). Every bite is delectable – salty, crunchy, the slightest hint of oil – heaven. While lost in the raptures of her potato chip, she fails to notice the cooing taking place next to her. By the 3rd chip, she is ripped from her ecstasy by a squeal. Her four month old, too, is in raptures over the potato chip. He LOVES it. The act of taking the chip and placing it in the mouth; the crunch; and yes the moans of sheer joy from his mommy.

So, out of pure benevolence for my child I am required to eat potato chips every day for lunch. As a side note his second favorite food to watch are carrots.

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  1. Hee!

    I saw this article on Salon today and thought of you (and Chris’s obsession with the Bugaboo):

    The Time Out Teddy Bear cracks me up.

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