My baby’s _____ is bigger than yours

So, all modestly aside, I consider myself a relatively relaxed and level-headed mother.

Today I went to a mother’s group (which by the way I recommend to all new mothers. It’s therapy to get out and meet people that don’t mind talking about babies for 2 hours and who completely understand everything you are going through). Within five minutes I found myself coaxing my baby into preforming any and every one of his new tricks (regardless of his desires).

“Gosh darn it – roll over. Okay. Stand. Now, laugh and blow bubbles.”

It’s like he was my show pony.

Suddenly I stopped and asked myself “Am I really this insecure? Is this how I validate that I’m a good mother?” I looked around and saw 10 babies dressed in their finest being put on stage to perform. There was lots of “Tommy has been rolling over for weeks” and “Little Suzie has been saying Mama since she was five months old”. It was a scary glimpse into myself and motherhood. Every mother I meet is always second guessing herself and worrying that she isn’t doing enough for her baby. I blame all the “What to Expect” type books and the increase your child’s IQ toys.

Mothers can no longer just let their babies play and learn. They must be striving towards milestones and accomplishments, which is tragic. Life is full of To Do lists and goals.

Shouldn’t babies have a pass?

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One response to “My baby’s _____ is bigger than yours

  1. barbara Simmons

    Oh, funny, funny I can already see that this is going to be great. I had a smile on my face the entire I was reading about POOP and My Baby’s– is bigger than yours! Keep it coming. You biggest Fan—MOM

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