I’m a blogger?

As my four month old little boy drifted off to sleep at 8:45 (woo hoo), I decided to see what all this blog hype was about. So, I turned to my trusted friend and food lover’s blog ( Kate F___, Girl Reporter) and took a look. To my delight I found a fun and entertaining glimpse into my friend’s life and kitchen. So Kate F, thank you for motivating me to start sharing my tales of food and baby, how babies affect food, and how food affects babies (pretty much my life).

Objective: To entertain myself and hopefully a few others with my stories of baby and food.

I should also give some credit to my wonderful blogger of a husband (herbietown). You are my inspiration (kind of). 🙂


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5 responses to “I’m a blogger?

  1. Stephanie

    Great idea, Greta! I’ll be sure to read and take notes. Thanks for paving the way into mommyhood… I’ve got a ways to go but I will catch up someday. 🙂

  2. barbara Simmons

    I am excited about BabyFood. I will have a way of knowing many of your inner thoughts! What a wonderful idea, we will need to pass this on to others. I am glad Jack woke up a happy baby from his nap, I thought he would, what a lucky boy to have such a wonderful mom and dad!

  3. Hurray!! I am so glad you’ll be blogging. I miss you!

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging! It is a trip. Hope you enjoy!

    I’d like to subscribe to your feed. Any chance of you adding a link to your home page?

  5. gretaherb

    I just figured out how to add an RSS feed. It should be up and running.

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